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MUSIC TO SEE arranges temporary exhibitions drawn from its collection of musical instruments from cultures around the world.

These travelling exhibitions feature musical instruments or objects used by different ethnic, geographic and social groups in their dances, songs, rituals and ceremonies.
It is a journey in time through different musical cultures.

The exhibitions have engaged all types of audiences, and response has been overwhelmingly positive owing to both educational value and originality. Our idea is based mainly on highlighting the ethnological, musicological and aesthetic values of the instruments.

The exhibition can be organised from a general perspective, – focus on an educational point of view displaying the instruments in families and subfamilies – or using a monographic approach.


Our experience in the latter has included the following themes:

  • Black Africa; Balkan Countries; Bagpipes; Violins; Asia; Around the World in 80 Instruments; and Idiophones of the World.
  • Other ideas include monographic exhibits by country, construction materials, use, geographic area, specific itineraries and musical instruments in philately.

The mechanism for organising an exhibition is simple. A specific number of instruments is selected, normally determined by the amount of available exhibition space.

Around 150 instruments is a perfectly reasonable number to ensure a good display. An exhibit of this size would require approximately 120-130 m2 of display space.

However, depending on available space, the number of instruments can easily be increased to 200, 300, 400, or reduced to 100 or fewer.

As a general idea, we estimate that about 125 instruments can be displayed in a 100 m2; 250 instruments in 200 m2; etc.

The cost for mounting an exhibition varies, depending on the number of instruments and their value. Insurance and shipping costs must also be added to the price.

To learn more about commissioning an exhibition, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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